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Project Lead
Project Lead

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PostSubject: OPERATION: KINGPEN Staff Members   Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:44 pm


Project Leads The Project Leads are the initial creators of O:KP. They are trained in nearly every region of the below positions.

GECK Level Designers GECK Level Designers create the world the Lone Wanderer finds himself in, in O:KP.

Texture Artists Texture Artists create the stunning textures that will be featured in O:KP.

Main Ideas/Story Producers Story Producers and Plot Writers write out the storyline for O:KP.

Voice Actors Voice Actors record their voices for the characters in game.
-Dr. Bonana

Modelers Modelers create the models featured in O:KP.

Scripters Scripters make O:KP work and can nearly do anything.

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